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Brand Bowl

There’s been tons of coverage on Superbowl ads and lots of cool buzz across the web and beyond. Here’s some of the best in my opinion:

Twitter’s excellent Ad Scrimmage which allows you to watch all the commercials again and vote for your favourite. You know #dayoff gets my vote.  Not a bad idea if just under half the US tv audience rewatch the ads, as this infographic suggests. 

Real time analysis from brandbowl2012 pits Doritos as the favourite ad, looking at the volume of tweets, and sentiment. Wins too for H&M & VW. The picture doesn’t look quite so good for, a regular SuperBowl spender.

People weren’t just tweeting about the ads or the football though, MIA’s half time ‘flipping of the bird’ (in order to save that hard earned street-cred) sent the twittersphere into overdrive, making Madonna’s half-time show the 3rd most tweeted event in Twitter’s history. Can you imagine if the infamous Janet Jackson 'wardrobe malfunction' had happened in the Twitter era?!  



Not quite Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 2 - but good all the same.  I love SuperBowl ads.