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Brand Bowl

There’s been tons of coverage on Superbowl ads and lots of cool buzz across the web and beyond. Here’s some of the best in my opinion:

Twitter’s excellent Ad Scrimmage which allows you to watch all the commercials again and vote for your favourite. You know #dayoff gets my vote.  Not a bad idea if just under half the US tv audience rewatch the ads, as this infographic suggests. 

Real time analysis from brandbowl2012 pits Doritos as the favourite ad, looking at the volume of tweets, and sentiment. Wins too for H&M & VW. The picture doesn’t look quite so good for, a regular SuperBowl spender.

People weren’t just tweeting about the ads or the football though, MIA’s half time ‘flipping of the bird’ (in order to save that hard earned street-cred) sent the twittersphere into overdrive, making Madonna’s half-time show the 3rd most tweeted event in Twitter’s history. Can you imagine if the infamous Janet Jackson 'wardrobe malfunction' had happened in the Twitter era?!  



Tweet Your Best Shot to Make NBA's Curry Your Voicemail Assistant

Wouldn’t it be great to see someone from the #EPL doing this? Via @mashable

Tweet Your Best Shot to Make NBAs Curry Your Voicemail Assistant
How would you like to put an NBA star to work as your own personal phone operator? That’s more or less the idea behind a Twitter-driven contest by Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. Curry has called for fans to tweet him video clips their best moves from the game H-O-R-S-E, where where players try to best one another with trick shots.

Fans have until midnight on Sunday to send their videos to his @StephenCurry30 account with the hashtag #SC30. His top 5 picks will then be entered into a poll on his Facebook page, where fans will vote the ultimate winner.

And what do you get if you win? Curry will record a personalized outgoing voicemail message for you to use. So whenever a friend calls, there will be one of pro basketball’s brightest young stars saying that you’re unavailable but to please leave a message.

“They can give me a script if they want, or leave it up to me to be creative and use my personality a little bit, but we’ll probably end up doing a blend of both,” Curry told Mashable.

Curry, who wears jersey number 30, is one of the NBA’s most active and personable players on Twitter and other social platforms. The H-O-R-S-E contest is the latest in a series of #SC30 promotions he has done in recent months with the help of marketing firm Spiracle Buzz. In November, fans submitted videos of themselves singing Christmas carols to win a personal Skype conversation with Curry. In December, he was touched by a fan’s winning entry in a call for New Year’s resolutions and met with her before a home game.

Curry said it’s not always easy to stay active on social media channels during the busy NBA season, but that the extra effort is worthwhile.

“I just think it’s a lot of fun to go back and forth with people that pay attention to what I’m doing, and it’s a big part of just enjoying this whole NBA process,” he said.

Curry said that he may try to replicate some of the best submitted shots to post back for fans if he gets time between games, workouts and sleep.